The Cellulite Myth - It's Not Fat. - It's Fascia! by Ashley Black

No matter what the backstory, embracing your fascia means embracing freedom--freedom to live, and to be yourself!

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Ashley Black
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What is fascia?

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Ashley Black is an inspiration. Her story of survival and empowerment can teach us all how we can work through the darkest times to find light.  I think Ashley Black is helping people to heal in more ways than just with the FasciaBlaster. I know and Ashley is a tough, real, amazing woman and a survivor who grabs llfe and makes certain others get the same chance.  

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If you have not had your fill of FasciaBlasterReview Sites yet, check out the dot net site. At, the reviews are aggregated by treatment.  Reviews come in about everything from how FasciaBlaster reduced the appearance of cellulite on my body to reviews about enhanced muscle performance. 

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Meet all the members of this fasica fighting family from Ashley Black Guru.

This is my dream! Thank you for being a part of it.

Ashley black the Inventor of the Fasciablaster

Over 1 Million Fascia Blaster Products Sold

Ashley Black Guru named one of America's Most Successful Private Companies by INC Magazine in 2019

Fascia Blaster Tutorials

How Do I Use My FasciaBlaster properly?

Arm / Elbow

Remember: You want to rest your arm on a stool or chair in front of you to keep your muscles relaxed as you FasciaBlast!


Use the MASTERBaster or the FACEBlaster to prepare the tissue prior to fasciablasting your chest area. Always be mindful when working a new part of your body if it requires a prep blast.

Lower Back

Always elongate the back by going into spinal flexion (down and forward toward your legs) to stretch the tissue out before FasciaBlasting.


When fasicablasting a dry head of hair, place the FACEblaster in a small plastic bag to avouid any tangling of the device with your hair.


FasciaBlasting is always done on bare skin with oil.
Use a small claw device (Master or FaceBlaster) when addressing layers pf Fascia that sit close to the skin surface like the abdominals.

Knee / Hip

The knee is a very complex joint and everything from the foot to the hip crosses the knee including fascia lines. So we must be thorough when fasciablasting round the knee.

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