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FasicaBlaster FAQ - What is the fasciablaster? How do I use it ? Is there more than one tool? Where can I go to learn more? How do I know this tool works?


Frequently Asked Questions


When you begin using the FasciaBlaster, you will always want to use the self-massage tool on bare skin with oil, rubbing lightly and briskly up and down and side to side.

You will only want to move the FasciaBlaster in two very specific motions. 

  1. Up and Down  
  2. Side to Side

It is not recommended that the FasciaBlaster be used  in a circular motion. 

When getting started with your FasciaBlasting regimen, it’s so important to ease into FasciaBlasting and take it one step at a time! Be sure to use common sense and listen to your body. You’ll use the tools on bare skin with oil, using it for self-massage in either an up-and-down or side-to-side motion. Please read over this article for recommendations on HOW TO USE THE FASCIABLASTER.

The easiest solution to that question is to purchase Blaster Oil. These oils are formulated with Ashley’s personal touch and can help take your results to the next level!!!


If you choose not to purchase the blaster oil, make certain that you are using real massage oil formulated for that purpose and nothing else.

When you begin to use the FasciaBlaster, just go LIGHT and BRISK.  SInce it is a self-massage tool and you are responsible for the amount of pressure that you are using every time that you FasciaBlast, I would BEGIN by watching Ashley Black’s tutorials on her website. They were my saving grace when I first started and helped me to find the right push and pull between pressure in order to actually get to the fascia and lightness of touch as not to injure myself.

Do you know other Blaster sisters and brothers? Who first told you about the FasciaBlaster? 

Maybe you could ask them to mentor you or guide you as you are beginning.  That could be a great and useful tool to have a successful and seasoned blaster assisting you. 

WARNING:  Everyone has a different pain threshold. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY.  YOU KNOW WHEN THE PRESSURE IS TOO MUCH. IF IT HURTS CONSISTENTLY, STOP! Use less pressure the next time you fasciablast or give that blasting zone some time to calm. Once it feels better, begin to blast in that zone again, BUT start out with less pressure. If you are consistent and really listening to your body’s natural reactions… you will adding pressure in no time .

MORAL OF THE STORY: You know your body. So listen and respond accordingly. Now… get to Blasting!

It would not hurt to put in a few phone calls to local massage therapists in your area. You never know when you might find a therapist close that uses the tool as a part of their business every single day. THAT would be a great person to take a lesson from. Then when you are a FasciaBlasting Guru like Ashley, you could teach classes at your local gym of at the Y close to your house and teach everyone else about the joys of FasciaBlasting.  

But I get ahead of myself…

If you want FasciaBlaster classes today… LET ASHLEY BLACK TEACH YOU HOW TO FASCIABLASTER every single zone on your body.  Click on that last all caps statement and it will take you to her tutorials. Nothing beats learning how to use the FasciaBlaster from the GURU herself. Happy Blaster College!

There are actually 29 FasciaBlasting Zones across the surface of your body and use can use those zones to section off your blasting. When I first started blasting, I was overwhelmed feeling like I had to blast every inch of my facsia every single time. Learning about your FasciaBlasting Zones will help you portion out your self-massage therapy. 


NO… and YES. 

There is fascia underneath your skin that covers every inch of your body. So you can use the whole family of FasciaBlaster tools to cover every part of your body, but there are certain tools for certain parts of the body.  

EXAMPLE. For your face, ONLY use the FaceBlaster tool. It was created and designed by Ashley specifically for the fascia on and around your face. Do NOT use the original FasicaBlaster in and around your face.  


Througb reading articles about Ashley Black and from my own research, I learned that men were the first to benefit from the FasciaBlaster. Ashley worked on a whole host of professional baseball players when they were looking for pain relief for their muscles when their regular regimen of ice and hot compress would not work anymore. THE BIG DADDY FasciaBlaster Tool is specifically made for the men in the family.


Clean your FasciaBlaster with water and soap. Use an antibacterial soap to make certain that you are getting all germs off of the tool.

Wash your blaster tools after each FasciaBLasting session and make certain you store your instrument in a place where it will not get dirty prior to your next use. Make certain that you start every FasciaBlasting session with a clean FasciaBlaster self-massage tool at the ready.

With continued, frequent usethe post–FasciaBlasting bruising will decrease, and you’ll be able to FasciaBlast more often. We recommend three to five times per week for best results, but some users enjoy daily sessions.

For more recommendations on how to use your FasciaBlaster, check out this real life customer review… FASCIABLASTER REVIEW on MYDOMAINE

Increase Blood Circulation

Improve Blood Flow

Release Tight Muscles

Lessen Joint Pain

Break Up Cellulite  and Lessen its appearance temporarily



Ashley Black is the creator and designer of the entire line of FasciaBlaster products. SHe has researched the fascia in the body and after years of intergrated trials and research on fascia from every part of the world, she build and introduced the FasciaBlaster to the world. 

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It is important to educate yourself so that you know what  you are getting with the FasciaBlaster. It takes consistency and body intuition to make certain that you are using this self-massage tool corectly and to the most benefit that you possibly can.  Reading about other people’s experiences with the FasciaBlaster tool will help you as you get started FasciaBlsating for yourself. Here are few places that you can find reviews that will give you more understanding of what the FasciaBlaster can do:

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