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“Hi all! I wanted to let Ashley know how the fasciablaster has helped me. I purchased it because of a tight SI joint from a relatively minor car accident 15 years ago. Jammed my hip and sacroiliac joint and have had referred problems down to my toes ever since.

I received it in February and am totally in awe at how it has helped when all these years nothing else has! I can go for walks and am relearning how to run so I don’t reverse the healing that has occurred.

I have been traveling with a heavy backpack since June 27th and I know I’ve been pain free because of the work I did for months before! Just today (after walking everywhere for weeks) am I starting to feel the imbalance return because I didn’t bring the blaster with me.

Thank you Ashley!” –

— Lisa W

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Emily Doyle
5.0 out of 5 stars


January 10, 2018

Verified Purchase

So I waited a bit to post my review so I can review results as well. I have lots of scar tissue from a car accident and I’m also considerably overweight. In 14 days I have lost two inches off my waist, one inch off my hips and two inches off my scar tissue area that created a bulge on my leg. I also lost 4 pounds. I do eat healthy and am moderately active, but none of those habits changed while blasting! I also lose weight extremely slowly so 4 pounds is crazy to me in 14 days!!!

As for the product, it’s very good quality. It comes with a warranty and you can join Ashley blacks official Facebook group to help you get started. Here you will also have access to chat with Ashley black and her team about help and concerns throughout your journey.

This product changed my life and I’m upset I wasted so much time on the fence!! If you’re not sure if it’s worth it, JUST DO IT.

This Pain Management Specialist Gives It Two Thumbs Up!

I have fibromyalgia. I bought it specifically for that reason. Yes in the beginning there is a detox effect. But not only have my “flares” decreased in frequency and severity, but I’ve actually been able to reduce the amount of medications I take to deal with my fibro. And I’ve only been consistently blasting for 5 months. In fact, my pain management specialist did research regarding this product, and gave me a big thumbs up for using it.

Bonus, I’ve been on a mission to lose a significant amount of weight, and the FasciaBlaster has helped me keep my skin taught throughout the process. Ashley Black’s live feeds with exercise instructions and education, along with the various motivators videos make this a priceless self care tool.

I’ve recommended it to several friends and we all love it.

                                          —  Kimber T.


Laurie Ann Wells
November 13, 2017
5 out of 5.0 Stars
I actually purchased this on the Ashley Black site (It wasn’t on Amazon at the time), but wanted to review it here for anyone on the fence. This incredible tool has changed my life! The quality of my life I should say! I started out with the Mini2, which my daughter gave me as a gift. I purchased this one shortly thereafter because I wanted more leverage for larger and harder to reach areas. Within 2 Weeks of Using the Mini2, My Nagging Foot, Knee, Hip and Lower Back Pain Was Virtually GONE! Once this happened, I felt physically able to kick up my activity level a bit and take my Fascia Blasting to the next level. I started on October 1st because Ashley was having a FitFasciaChallenge on her web site. I figured that was a short enough amount of time to stick with something. The results have been PHENOMENAL! Now, I am not going to post my “Skin Photos” here on Amazon, but I will share my 6 week stats with all of you. My skin is getting tighter and smoother every day as an added bonus and I will be 63 at the end of this month! THANK YOU ASHLEY BLACK! I’ve Only Just Begun! (I have not received any of my products for free in exchange for my reviews. I am a long time Prime Member and seldom leave reviews due to time constrictions. But when a product deserves to be praised like I feel this one does…well, here I am!)

Ok so I have been wanting this for awhile and convinced my husband to buy me the small one as an early Christmas present. As far as pain it really helps relax and loosen muscle tension. I have not had it long enough to speak on cellulite or how it preforms with skin tone and texture. I’ll update post with pictures in a few months. But if you suffer from muscle tension it’s amazing. It owls best with warmed muscles so after a shower or use a heating pad. Mine came with oil but you can get any massage or aroma therapy oil and it will work just as well. I also feel like using products for cellulite or firming will definitely work better after use! You can purchase this at Ashleyblack.com they also have some on EBay!!!

Nikki N.

December 4, 20217


Nothing Touched My Cellulite until the FasciaBlaster​

Hey! I had messaged you a couple weeks ago when I first got my fascia blaster. I took pics that day and then this morning after about 10 days of using it. I skipped a couple days because the bruising but I almost burst into tears this morning. I am not heavy and very health conscious. I am a runner but I also do strength training, crossfit, barre and weight lifting. Nothing would touch my cellulite I still had although I work out so hard. This did!!! I can’t wait to see how much better it even gets but seriously if this continues u have changed my life! Thanks so much !!!!!! U need to get this thing on tv! I’m telling all my friends.

 Laura P.

Dear Ashley Black,

I am tearing up as I write this post. I work hard, I work hard in every area of my life. I give it my all. But there is no point in channeling that energy into tools or methods that don’t work. It’s a waste of energy and it leaves one with a dark hole of desiring something but not being able to manifest it because the tool is not right.

I want to offer my deep gratitude to Ashley Black for creating the FasciaBlaster. The fascia blaster self-massage tool has empowered me in so many ways that it’s hard to put everything in writing but I still will.

– I lost 20 pounds in 3 months, FB accelerated my ketosis diet and released water retention and puffiness that caused bloating and difficulty in losing weight.

– I do a desk job in IT for a living but my mini is always next to me and I keep blasting my quads, inner thighs, neck and shoulders in addition to my proper blast routine. Even massaging with the fasciablaster gently on my body over my clothes continued to keep me open and free of soreness and pain from dancing.

– I blasted my entire arms, lateral lines and it opened my dance frame and I could engage better.

I did very well in my most recent dance competition and I am very grateful.

Thank you from my heart for empowering me.

                                                                                                                                — Simin  V

My Deepest Gratitude to Ashley Black for Creating the FasciaBlaster.  

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Kelly Ditta
5.0 out of 5 Stars
Best Thing I've Ever Done For Myself Ever!!!
June 3rd, 2018

I’ve been a fan of Ashley Black since I started following her Fasciablasters Facebook page back when she had 3,000 followers. She’s well passed 300,000 now and there’s a reason. The girl is onto something, and I’m a 100% believer. I took a while to order the book because the Facebook page provides a lot of great information, but the book fully explains fascia and how it impacts your body and overall health. Any nay-sayers out there have either been too lazy to stick with it or haven’t bothered to start the process at all. What began as a journey to get rid of cellulite has improved my overall health and improved my workouts. I just turned 50 and feel better than ever! Read it. Try it!!! Everyone deserves to look and feel great!


FasciaBlaster and TMJ

I started using my Fascia Blaster last week, with special focus on my neck and TMJ. For the first time in years, I feel no pain. This is the real deal! I sound like a commercial, but I have tried sooooo many things throughout my life. I use to get myo-fascial therapy once a week, and trust me, that was amazing! (however, $100 a week adds up!) With the Fascia Blaster, I am able to self medicate myself, getting right to the root of the problem. I used it on my boyfriend las night, and now…he is a believer. Ashley has really made a huge difference in my life and I thank her for what she has done for me! 

    -JacQue L.

Couldn't Get Any Better

Another Happy Customer
December 6, 2017
Verified Purchase

Received on time and in perfect condition. The product is as I expected and there are lots of online videos showing proper use along with several answering questions and addressing various issues. Have been faithfully using the FasciaBlaster since receipt and am, so far, happy with results. Can't say I am cellulite free. . .yet, but it is a journey, lol. I have experienced bruising, which is to be expected, but did not experience soreness and the bruises seem to heal pretty quickly. As others have pointed out, the skin really does look better once the bruises have healed. Prior to purchasing the FasciaBlaster product, I had been using one of those products with stainless steel balls (also intended to remedy cellulite). I did experience similar bruising with that product, but it did not offer the ability to vary pressure as the FasciaBlaster does. There are lots of before and after photos...believable photos, which look to be real and not photo shopped, as well as actual sonogram photos showing results, and I particularly liked that not every person featured in videos was a fitness model. Thanks for that!!!! Fingers crossed and looking forward to cellulite free.

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